writing is catharsis, reading is (2019)

My grandma and I read books together and talk about them on thephone or over coffee. We mark passages that we think the other would enjoy. Weread and then write to each other, we write and then read more. Reading a bookby Helene Cixous, I was drawn to the way she describes writing. “Writingis not arriving; most of the time it is not arriving.” Where does this putwriting? If writing is not arriving, then it is a movement that doesn’t end.Writing is this motion towards a place you will never get to. Literally, themotion is that of your hand as it moves across the page. Perhaps therestorative nature of writing is as much about getting the thoughts out of yourhead as it is about the trance that your hands gets into, guiding a squigglethrough a series of lines. 

writing is catharsis, reading is (2019) consists of nine works on paper.

Installation views from "Origins" exhibition

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