What Makes Anything Solid?

As lock down began in March of 2020 due to COVID-19, I was invited to contribute a piece of writing on the experience of time in the time of isolation. The following piece was included in the book, TIME: Time at the Time of Isolation along with 90+ other writings, images, and artworks from artists around the world. The book is available for purchase here


What Makes Anything Solid?

These days, time is on loop. The present has ballooned, burst open, and stayed exactly the same. Faced with the many terrifying potentialities that have always existed, the future has grown distant, an inaccessible afterward. It’s all present and it’s too much—too much present that doesn’t pass. The construction projects that surround my apartment in Los Angeles continue building up and digging down; my now long hair tickles the back of my neck; my friends are without work; the jacaranda trees are about to bloom; next month marks the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. What was continues. Arriving to the same circumstances day after day, what we are afforded is not yet meaning, but the experience of many beginnings. Could there be some solace in this? Repetition dissolving into the opportunity to try again. I still don’t understand it.Time, I mean, the way it stretches itself out while remaining thick. The days are slow. Everything is just beginning.

April 2020

My looping beginnings, sketched in a notebook.

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