Quadrant Field: Marcos Lutyens's Monograph

In collaboration with the artist Marcos Lutyens, I co-authored 16 essays on significant artworks throughout the artist's career. I also edited the full volume, which includes two additional essays. The monograph was published by Galleria Alberta Pane in September of 2020.

Book Description (from Galleria Alberta Pane):

A presentation of the work of Marcos Lutyens (London, 1964) through the description of a selection of 16 projects that the artist has realized in the last 10 years. The book consists of an introductory text written by Stefanie Hessler, followed by one by curator Davide Daninos. The two author's texts are followed by 16 projects, divided into four chapters: Psycho-Social, Environ-mental, Psycho-Inductive, Sensory-synesthetic. Ranging from a more intimate scale to a broader relationship with the environment, the organization into four chapters creates a link between the graphic and editorial project and the artist's desire to inscribe the latter in the heart of his work.

Quadrant Field is available for purchase here.

Images from Galleria Alberta Pane.

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