One Hundred Waitings

I was always drawn to waiting, which sometimes I get the feeling is the only thing I’ve ever really done.

— Sergio Chejfec

Knowing how to see, before sight, knowing how to hear, before comprehension, to keep the space of waiting open.

— Hélène Cixous

Wait with me. Wait with me though the waiting might be the call of good-byes.

— Claudia Rankine

Everyone seems to be waiting, said Geryon. Waiting for what? said Ancash. Yes waiting for what, said Geryon.

— Anne Carson


One Hundred Waitings is an ongoing collection of poems, entries and essays, written in waiting —as a temporary situation, as a place one returns to, as a way of being in the world. The project began in September of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and is ongoing. A collection of all entries can be found here.

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